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Jul 98
Yes, the circle of time has swung around once more, and it's the month for our annual joint meeting with the good folks at Foothill A.N.I.M.E.! Unfortunately, because Anime Expo was so close to the meeting, some of our arrangements are still... unarranged. But what we have, we'll let you know about, and here it is:
On the No-Name side, we continue with our showings of our favorite staples. This meeting, you'll see the next episodes of Blue Seed, Patlabor, Sakura Wars, Blue Seed, and Captain Tylor. We'll also have a short preview of the Miyazaki smash hit, Princess Mononoke, which we'll probably show in September.
For now, though, here are the usual haphazard descriptions of shows we present in this space.

This Month's Schedule
Patlabor 2nd Series #4
(Subbed, Sci-fi/Action/Comedy)
No description available right now.
---Subbed by U.S. Manga Corps
Irresponsible Captain Tylor #2
(Subtitled, Action/Comedy)
The episode "Enemy! Crisis! We Surrender!" finds the Soyokaze in the midst of a real problem. The two groups of fighters on board hate each other, and it's beginning to look like a real war. Naturally, who should be called in to resolve the problem but Tylor...?
---Subtitled The Right Stuf
Blue Seed #8
(Subtitled, Action/Horror adventure)
A new character is introduced to the Blue Seed cast, and Sakura Yamazaki (a very cool, if annoying, character) is attracted to Kusanagi as well. And when the TAC comes up with a plan to protect Momiji by making her MORE famous as an idol singer, things couldn't seem to get worse. Until Sakura shows up as a rival singer. Check it out in "What? How Strange! A Rival Appears!"
---Subtitled A.D. Vision
Sakura Wars #2
(Subbed, Fantasy/Action)
The Imperial Defence Troop seems to be going well until Sumire's prima donna attitude gets everyone on edge. Then Kanna decides she needs to leave the group to pursue a course of vengeance. And Sakura finds that she simply can't seem to master the skills she needs if she is to join the Defence Troop. What to do? This is the OAV series based on the hit Sega Saturn game, with original character designs by Fujishima Kousuke (creator of You're Under Arrest! and Oh, My Goddess!)
---Subbed by Studio Yoissho!
Ko Century Beast #3
(Subbed, Fantasy/Action)
Now that the Beasts have found the location of Gaia, the humans are sending their helpers, V-Darn and V-Shion, to take Gaia. And to aid them, they are providing Evil Lord, one of their own Jinn. Can the Beasts possibly overcome one of the Jinn? Find out in "We Can't Lose the Final Fight!"
5:00 Kodomo no Omocha #8
(Subtitled, Insanely frantic Comedy)
In the aptly named "My First Kiss is Juice-Covered!!" Rei is reunited with his first love, the famous actress Kurumi Asako and Sana-chan catches them together in an alley. Now Rei has to choose who will be the number one girl in his life! Meanwhile, Hayama decides to deal himself into this love conflict as well, much to Tsuyoshi-kun's chagrin!
---Subbed by Kodocha Anime

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