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Oct 1997 flyer
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In keeping with an almost-annual tradition at No-Name, we are once again proud to present a group of shows with a horror or mystical theme to go along with this month's Halloween. And after all, to a real die-hard Nadia fan, what could be more horrible than a talking, cute-ified Gratan?
Naturally, we'll have our usual giveaways and door prizes at the meeting, just like you've come to expect at No-Name. You never know what kind of stuff will be given away, so don't miss out on it!
And now... our horrific schedule.

This Month's Schedule
12:30 Iria - Zeiram the Animation #4
(Subbed, Sci-fi adventure)
In episode #4, "Broom Trees," Iria finally receives her long sought-after Hunter license, making her a full-fledged Hunter. She returns to Taowajan to find Dr. Touka, who's supposed to be an expert on Zeiram. The problem is, he's been taken hostage, and it looks like Zeiram is somewhere around killing off people.
---Subbed by U.S. Manga Corps
1:00 Patlabor OAV #3
(Subbed, Shoujou comedy/romance)
In "The 450 Million-Year-Old Trap," the Second Unit has to investigate a number of bizarre occurrences around Tokyo Bay: a damaged undersea cable, a car pulled off the pier. Could these and other similar incidents be caused by a real sea monster?
---Subbed by U.S. Manga Corps
1:30 Nadia of the Mysterious Seas #38
(Subbed, Action adventure)
This is the penultimate episode of Nadia, where the New Nautilus and Red Noah have their climactic, final battle. Enough said! All this, and an omake, too! If you've been following Nadia, you do not want to miss this!
---Subbed by Project Daicon
2:00 Abunai! Break time!
We throw things in the air and see whom they hit... No, we give things away and see if the people hit each other. That sounds better, doesn't it?
---Put on by No-Name Anime
2:45 Urusei Yatsura #27
(Subbed, action comedy)
In this Halloween-theme episode of UY, titled "What A Dracula!" the gang meet up with Count Dracula! Of course, given that this is Urusei Yatsura, nothing is ever quite what it seems.
---Subbed by AnimEigo
3:15 Jackie Chan's City Hunter
(Subbed, Action comedy)
In this live action movie about City Hunter, Jackie Chan plays the title role. Along with his sidekick, Kaori (played by Joey Wang), Ryu Saeba must stop a gang of international terrorists from hijacking a ship of millionaires. As with most Jackie Chan movies, this is a great showcase for his hilarious physical antics and features some of the best fight scenes of any of his movies.
---Subbed by Project Daicon
4:55 Ranma 1/2 OAV Super #3
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
Continuing our theme for the month of Halloween, in "Ranma, Look At Me," a relaxing trip to a hot springs resort turns into a night of terror for Akane. It seems there's a local legend about a cursed doll that retaliates if mistreated. Naturally, between Ranma and Genma, the doll is angered in no time at all!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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