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Aug 1997 flyer
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In keeping with our (unstated) policy this year of having irregular schedules, we are once again NOT on the third Saturday this month. We promise to try to return to our normal scheduling soon, though, or as much as possible. In any case, this month brings some interesting goodies for viewing. There's the two-episode conclusion of Here Is Greenwood, which you definitely shouldn't miss if you've liked this series; Nadia #36 is rapidly bringing the series to its ultimate episode in November; and we also present Crusher Joe, the original show where Kei and Yuri of the Dirty Pair originally came from. Finally, we begin showing our encore presentation of the Ranma TV series, which will continue to air until we obtain and decide on a new series.
And of course, we'll also have the regular giveaways and door prizes you've come to expect at No-Name. You never know what kind of stuff will be given away, so don't miss out on it!
And now... the schedule.

This Month's Schedule
12:30 Tenchi Muyo TV #3
(Dubbed, Mystical/Sci-fi comedy)
In episode #3, "No Need for Worries!" Ayeka is still stuck on Earth, but this is not so bad, since she finds herself liking Tenchi more and more. Then her little sister Sasami arrives to take her home, but Ryoko drops a shocker in their laps at the farewell party: she's pregnant. Things just get stranger and stranger at the Masaki household.
---Dubbed by Pioneer LDC
1:00 Here is Greenwood #5
(Subbed, Shoujou comedy/romance)
Yet another problem pops up at Greenwood when Miya, a girl mistaken for a gang-leader and on the run from a rival gana, asks Mitsuru to let her stay. As the new dorm president, Kazuya decides to help the girl but ends up falling in love with her. Only... she's been involved with someone else for the last ten years. Will Mitsuru come between another couple or will he find true love this time? Join us for the two-episode conclusion of this humorous and touching series!
---Subbed by Software Sculptors
1:30 Nadia of the Mysterious Seas #36
(Dubbed, Action adventure)
Though Nadia has discovered her birthday, there is no time to celebrate, as two of the Neo-Atlantean warships find them. Nadia surrenders herself to spare her friends, but to no avail, as Gargoyle orders the abandoned city bombarded. The Grandis gang, in trying to escape the blasts, make an amazing discovery: the crew of the Nautilus is still alive, and they have a new ship!
---Subbed by Project Daicon
2:00 Here is Greenwood #6
(Subbed, Shoujou comedy/romance)
The last part of the two-episode conclusion, continued from episode #5 above!
---Subbed by Software Sculptors
2:30 Abunai! Break time!
We throw things in the air and see whom they hit... No, we give things away and see if the people hit each other. That sounds better, doesn't it?
---Put on by No-Name Anime
3:10 Crusher Joe - The Movie
(Subbed, Sci-fi drama)
In a large and dangerous galaxy, the Crushers are a force of troubleshooters for occasions when the United Space Force can't handle things, and Crusher Joe is the best. But when his group is hired to transport a cryogenically frozen heiress, she is stolen during the journey; they are accused of piracy and suspended. To clear their names, Joe's group will have to travel to a pirates' outpost and take on the biggest and baddest of them, "Big Murphy," who blows up entire planets for fun!
---Subbed by AnimEigo
5:10 Ranma 1/2 #1
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
We begin our encore presentation of the Ranma TV series. In "That Guy From China, He's Kind of Strange," the three Tendou sisters are informed that one of them must marry Saotome Ranma, the son of Mr. Tendou's friend, Saotome Genma. But when youngest one, the boy-hating Akane, meets Ranma, things don't go exactly the way the adults planned!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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