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Wow, Fanime Con '97 is over, and what a convention it was! If you didn't go, you missed out on a lot, including hobnobbing with 1400 other fans! But don't worry, we've got some good stuff for you at No-Name, too. Just read on...
We've got our usual complement of Ranma this month, in addition to TWO episodes of Nadia. We'll also treat you to the dubbed version of Kiki's Delivery Service, as well as start another series, Here is Greenwood, to tide you over while we're waiting for Giant Robo and Magic Users Club.
As usual, there will be a raffle during break, along with odds and ends, and whatever we can find to throw into the newsletters.

This Month's Schedule
12:30 Here Is Greenwood #1
(Subbed, Bizarre college comedy)
It's a twisted tale of one of the weirdest classes in a college. Hey, if I had a description for this, you'd be reading it!
---Subbed by Software Sculptors
1:00 The Samurai
(Subbed, Martial arts comedy)
Takeshi Chimatsuri is just an ordinary high-school student training to be a samurai, like his father, until the day the two Toki sisters show up at his school. For some reason, the two girls bear a deep, abiding grudge against him, and now he'll be lucky to stay alive, let alone graduate! What's a young samurai-in-training to do, especially when the two girls use the one weapon on him against which he HAS no defense!?
---Subbed by Project Daicon
1:45 Nadia of the Mysterious Seas #30
(Dubbed, Action thriller)
The first of two great episodes we'll be showing today. Why? So we can show you the final episode of Nadia on our fourth anniversary!
---Subbed by Project Daicon
2:15 Abunai! Break time!
What will we have during break? We have NO idea!
---Put on by No-Name Anime
2:55 Nadia of the Mysterious Seas #31
(Subbed, Adventure)
The second of today's two Nadia episodes.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
3:25 Kiki's Delivery Service
(Dubbed, Coming-of-age tale)
It's a wonderful coming-of-age story about a young witch leaving home for the first time to make it on her own. This is a fairly good dub of the Studio Ghibli movie, with just a few exceptions. If you didn't realize this movie had ever been dubbed, or if you missed it when we first showed it, don't miss it this time!
5:10 Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen #51
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
In "Ukyou's Great Skirt Operation," Ukyou ponders the question of whether Ranma would notice her more if she dressed more like a regular girl. Of course, since this is the world of Ranma, her idea leads to more trouble than anybody could have guessed.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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