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Jan 1997 flyer
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Hey, it's 1997 already! Can you believe it!? We've managed to pass through three anniversaries and seen a lot of shows to get here, and we certainly hope to see many more of both. Anyway, to bring in the new year, we're working to change the look of our website (again) as well as hopefully introduce some new shows soon.
Of course, some of these shows we actually started in November, but what's a few months between friends? Unfortunately, there won't be a meeting next month in February, as the library is unavailable. But we'll be busy cooking up new stuff for the March meeting as well as for Fanime Con, so it will be a busy month for the No-Name staff anyway. And now, on with the schedule...
The raffle will once again be during the break time, and as usual we'll have different and odd things to give away. You'll only know what they are if you come to te meeting, though!

This Month's Schedule
12:30 Patlabor OAV #1
(Subbed, Futuristic police action)
In this introductory story, we meet the various important members of the Mobile Police team. This first show deals with their attempts to contain terrorists who are armed with Labors even stronger than the police ones.
---Subbed by US Manga Corps
1:00 Magic Users Club #3
(Subbed, Mystical comedy)
In "The Bamboo Propellor and Akane-chan and the Naughty Magic," Takakura is in for a small surprise when the club's latest spell goes awry, much to the delight of his vice-president, Aburatsubo. Sae and Nanaka continue to struggle with the decision to remain in the club, but everyone must drop their own problems to go help Akane when the aliens decide to kidnap her.
---Subbed by Project Daicon
1:30 Black Magic M-66
(Dubbed, Action thriller)
In this cyber-thriller piece from Masumune Shirow (creator of Appleseed and Ghost In The Shell), an experiment gone horribly wrong leaves the daughter of a scientist threatened by the very robot he created himself! This is one of the better translations of Shirow's manga to video form.
---Dubbed by Manga Entertainment
2:30 Abunai! Break time!
We won't have a Christmas tree this month, either, but we're still giving stuff away!
---Put on by No-Name Anime
3:10 Nadia of the Mysterious Seas #29
(Subbed, Adventure)
"King vs King" sees tempers boiling over as Hanson and Sanson, stuck on the island for too long, finally have enough of each other. In order to decide who's really "better," the two decide to fight it out with a race. Sanson will train King using his superior strength, while Hanson will build a mechanical King to navigate the race.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
3:40 Touch Movie #3
(Subbed, Baseball and Romance)
In "Don't Pass Me By," Tatsuya and Minami are now seniors in high school. They have one last chance to make it to Koushien. But at the beginning of the year, their coach falls ill and a sadistic "demon coach" takes his place who seems to bear some grudge against the Meisei Baseball team and despises Tatsuya in particular. The problem is, even if they make it to the finals, Tatsuya will still have to face his rival Nitta one more time.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
5:10 Ranma 1/2 OAV #4
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
We didn't have enough time to prepare a better schedule, and stuff slipped through the cracks! So that's why we're rerunning this OAV: Ranma's class gets a new teacher, Hinako, who has just a little problem. Sometimes she's the cutely annoying child who's their teacher, while other times she's the grown-up teacher that all the guys want to date. What's worse, there is some mysterious connection between her and Happosai...
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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