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March Special Features

Mar 1996 flyer This month, we've got all kinds of good stuff for you, from the second Patlabor movie (and Patlabor is always good), to a brand new Ranma OAV!

Plus, we've also got our continuing run of the KOR OAVs, as well as the new and funny 801 TTS show. Finally, you can't miss the latest episode of Nadia, as the show begins to wrap up storylines and reveal the answers to a lot of the mysteries of Nadia's past!


12:30 801 TTS Airbats #2
(Subbed, Comedy)
The 801 Tactical Training Squadron was originally meant to be an all-female stunt flying squadron (the "Airbats"), appearing at airshows to entertain and improve the image of the Japanese air force. Over time, it became a dumping ground for "trouble-makers," demoralized and on the brink of being decommissioned. But the arrival of an idealistic young mechanic (Isurugi) inspires the squadron to fight back and regain their respect as pilots.
---Subbed by A. D. Vision
1:00 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #19
(Subbed, Drama/Adventure)
The Nautilus arrives at its secret base in the South Pole. There, Nemo introduces Nadia to his oldest and closest friend: a 20,000 year old whale named Irion. Nadia finally begins to find some clues about her past, but they seem only to lead to even more questions.
---Subbed by Project Daicon
1:30 Macross Plus #3
(Dubbed, Sci-fi Action)
On the colony planet Eden, Earth has begun testing the next generation of transforming air/spacecraft. Two pilots have been chosen to fly the competing prototypes: the emotional maverick Isamu Dyson, and his old rival, Guld. Their professional rivalry becomes personal when their mutual ex-girlfriend (Myung) arrives on Eden, as the manager of the mysterious computer generated pop-star, Sharon Apple.
---Dubbed by Manga Entertainment
2:10 Kimagure Orange Road #3
(Subbed, Romantic comedy)
Kimagure Orange Road is an unusual romantic comedy, about a shy high-school student with secret psychic powers (Kyosuke), and the beautiful, complicated, mysterious girl he falls in love with (Madoka). In "White Hot Loves," Kyosuke and Madoka are trapped in a snow cave during a vacation. Unfortunately, it's a haunted cave and they encounter the spirits of the couples that have died there before.
---Subbed by AnimEigo
2:40 Abunai! Break time!
(Just what it says)
3:15 Patlabor Move 2
(Subtitled, Sci-fi, Police drama)
In the future, giant mechanized suits called "Labors" have become common tools. In Japan, a team of police detectives, along with special Patrol Labors (known as "Patlabors") is charged with keeping the peace. In this second Patlabor movie, a Tokyo bridge is destroyed in an explosion. A videotape appears to show an American F-16 fighter flying away from the site of the explosion. It's up to the Patlabor team to investigate this mystery. As they do, a political intrigue unfolds with the potential for an international incident.
---Dubbed by Manga Video
5:15 Ranma 1/2 OAV Super #3
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
In "The Two Akane's. 'Ranma, Look At Me!'" the Tendous go to the Doll Resort for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, things take an ominous turn when the famous cursed doll comes to life to exact revenge on Ranma. Now poor Ranma has to deal with two different Akane's! One fake, and the other one is a doll!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
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