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February Special Features

Feb 1996 flyer This month we're charging right ahead with the continuation of several of the exciting new series we started last month, like Macross Plus and El Hazard. We're also trying something different.

Last month we showed the dubbed version of You're Under Arrest!, so this month we'll show the subtitled version. We hope to keep alternating this show and let you decide what you like. So remember to drop by on the 17th, and enjoy!


12:30 El Hazard: The Magnificent World #2
(Dubbed, Science fiction comedy)
In this episode, "The World of Beautiful Girls," Makoto is disguised as the princess and must scale impossible heights with his teacher. Their goal is to find the Sages, who have knowledge of the ultimate weapon needed to end the war with the Bugrams, and may just possibly allow Makoto to go home. Meanwhile, Jinnai has allied himself with the Bugroms and is ready to wage war.
---Dubbed by Pioneer LDCA
1:00 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #18
(Subbed, Adventure)
In "Nautilus vs Nautilus," the crew of the mighty submarine are en route to the Antarctic when they encounter a giant nautilus of the living variety. It's a strange battle, as machine and animal struggle for victory.
---Subbed by Project Daicon
1:30 801 TTS Airbats #1
(Subbed, Comedy)
Isurugi Taguya is ecstatic to be assigned to the 801 TTS squadron, until he finds out that it's the place where all the misfits and malcontents are sent. The squadron is composed of a group of woman pilots, and one of the officers has made it his mission in life to abolish the squadron. Not if Taguya has anything to say about it, though. 801 TTS will become a great squadron, even if he has to turn them around single-handedly!
---Subbed by A. D. Vision
2:00 Kimagure Orange Road #2
(Subbed, Romantic comedy)
Kyosuke wakes up to an unpleasant surprise one morning: his cousin Akane has come to visit. She makes his life miserable when she finds out about Hikaru and Madoka, and completely misunderstands the situation. Things get even worse when... but that would spoil the surprise. Come see what it's about, and why so many people like this series!
---Subbed by AnimEigo
2:30 Abunai! Break time!
(Just what it says)
3:05 You're Under Arrest! #2
(Subtitled, Police Comedy)
Natsumi and Miyuki find out just how much of a busybody and gossip Yoriko can be in "Tokyo Typhoon Rally." Then the typhoon hits town, and when a crazed driver shows up driving recklessly, they're too busy dealing with emergencies. So Ken has to go after him. But is there something more to this? Why is Ken so bent on catching this guy anyway?
---Subtitled by AnimEigo
3:35 Macross Plus #2
(Dubbed, Sci-fi Action)
This episode reveals that there may be more to things than simple testing of new equipment. Dyson and the other pilot may be unwitting parts of something much bigger. And what does the computer-generated singer, Sharon Apple, have to do with it? Why is she so important? If you liked Macross or Robotech, this is a must-see!
---Dubbed by Manga Entertainment
4:15 Urusei Yatsura OAV #6: Ryoohko's Tea Party
(Subtitled, Weird alien comedy)
In yet another hilarious Urusei Yatsura OAV, Lum, Ataru and the rest of the gang get invited to a tea party. But when that part is hosted by Ryoohko, things start to get really weird, even for this show!
---Subtitled by AnimEigo
5:00 Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen #6
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
In "Run For It! Snowman Carrying Race!" Ranma is still not cured. But now Shampoo's great-grandmother has another idea: a snowman carrying race. And the prize is Shampoo, along with the Phoenix Pill. Of course Ranma enters, much to Akane's displeasure. And of course, since this is Ranma, the race turns into a free-for-all battle, with every man (or whatever) for himself!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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