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January Special Features

The beginning of a new year, and we're going to celebrate it by starting some new shows. This January at No-Name, you'll be seeing the start of new shows like Macross Plus and El Hazard! And we'll probably have some more next month, too! So come and visit, and join us for another great month of anime.

NOTE: To those people who received an early version of the flyer, there was a mistake in the scheduling. The new schedule is below. Please note that 801 TTS Airbats will not be shown this month. It will be shown next month instead. We apologize for the confusion.


12:30 El Hazard: The Magnificent World #1
(Dubbed, Science fiction comedy)
In the first episode of this series, Makoto Mizuhara was a typical high school student, until he is thrown into EL HAZARD--a world in another dimension-- along with his high school rival (Katsushiko Jinnai), his teacher (Mr. Fujisawa, who has a penchant for booze), and the beautiful Nanami (Jinnai's sister). It's up to them to help fight a planetary war between the Allied Countries and a race of bug people.
---Dubbed by Pioneer LDCA
1:20 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #17
(Subbed, Adventure)
After the somber mood of the last few episodes, the series takes a more hopeful turn. In "Jean's New Invention," Jean decides to prove himself by building a gyrocopter that can take Nadia back to her African homeland.
---Subbed by Project Daicon
1:50 short break
(Tea time!)
---Made possible by the British invention of tea
2:00 Macross Plus #1
(Dubbed, Science fiction)
On the colony planet Eden, Earth has begun testing the next generation of transforming air/spacecraft. Two pilots have been chosen to fly the competing prototypes: the emotional maverick Isamu Dyson, and his old rival, Guld. Their professional rivalry becomes personal when their mutual ex-girlfriend (Myung) arrives on Eden, as the manager of the mysterious computer generated pop-star, Sharon Apple. Thus begins MACROSS PLUS, the sequel to the legendary TV series MACROSS (known in the US as ROBOTECH). MACROSS PLUS features impressive visuals and great flying action.
---Dubbed by Manga Entertainment
2:45 Kimagure Orange Road OAV #1
(Subtitled, Romantic Comedy)
KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD is an unusual romantic comedy, about a shy high- school student with secret psychic powers (Kyosuke), and the beautiful, complicated, mysterious girl he falls in love with (Madoka). In "I'm a Cat! I'm a Fish!", a magic rope causes Kyosuke to exchange souls with a fish, and then with the family cat. When he's found by Madoka and her friend Hikaru, he gets a lesson in how these girls act when they think he's not around.
---Subtitled by AnimEigo
3:15 Abunai! Break time!
(Just what it says)
4:00 You're Under Arrest! #1
(Dubbed, Action comedy)
The adventures of two Tokyo policewomen. Natsumi Tsujimoto's the strong, hot-headed one. Her partner, Miyuki Kobayakawa, is the thinking half of the team. In "...And So They Met", the new partners are challenged by a mysterious driver in a race to capture him before he detonates a bomb.
---Dubbed by AnimEigo
4:30 3x3 Eyes #4
(Subtitled, Supernatural adventure)
In the fourth and last episode of this series, Pai and Yakumo are back in Hong Kong at Miss Hwang's estate. Things seem peaceful, the analysis of the Ningen Statue (the Human Statue) is underway, so they take a normal shopping trip with Mei-Xing. But a chance encounter with the super-strong Wu, Benares, leads to a possibly tragic end for the two.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
5:00 Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen #5
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
In "Master of the Swan Technique, Moose, Arrives!" Ranma is ecstatic when Dr. Tofu cures him of his inability to handle hot water. Unfortunately, there's a catch to the cure, and Dr. Tofu never gets to tell him what it is. To make things worse, the man claiming to be Shampoo's real groom, Moose, shows up and challenges Ranma to a fight at the worst possible time! Can Ranma win the fight? If not, will he lose Akane to Moose? And does Akane even care? Find out by watching it!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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