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Celebrate Anime History!
Nadia20 years ago there was an event that has changed the way Japanese Animation is seen in conventions. That event was AnimeCon’91. Organized and funded by Gainax Animation and Studio Proteus and staffed by many volunteers, this single event truly began the age of the modern anime conventions that we see today.

Remember those long lines that wrapped out the back of the old Red Lion Hotel in San Jose just to get an autograph or sketch from Kenichi Sonoda or Haruhiko Mikimoto or Johji Manabe or Yoshiyuki Sadamoto or Hideaki Anno, and Nadia was the great new show from Gainax? Remember the disappointment when Leiji Matsumoto had to cancel at the last moment.

Back in 2001, we celebrated this joyous event by attending the Official AnimeCon 10th Anniversary Party at FanimeCon 2001 and reminisced with other attendees and staff members of those bygone days. Although not all the No-Name staff were active in the anime scene at the time, some of us were. And that's one of the reasons that we wanted to help out with this these festivities. It didn't seem right to let the occasion pass without some ceremony, and since AnimeCon itself isn't around anymore (though its spirit lives on in the various conventions), what better way to do it than with a party right during the middle of the best fan-driven convention in the same area?


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