November Special Features

Nov 95 flyer Yes, it's November again, and like last year, we plan to have something special for our anniversary meeting. Yes, it's the 2nd anniversary for No-Name, and believe us, there were times we thought we wouldn't last this long! (Who'd have thought two years ago that we'd have our own homepage?)

Every November we try to show one of the truly classic anime films. We started with Porco Rosso,, then we had Nausicaa and we now proudly present the film Only Yesterday. Of course, we'll still bring you your favorites, such as Ranma, Video Girl, Tenchi, and etc. Now read on for the schedule or click here to see This Month's Flyer.


12:30 Armitage III #3
(Subtitled, Cyberpunk action)
In the story "Heart Core," the Martian Police Department decides to drop the investigation of the murder of the Thirds in favor of checking out a new case: Seconds being killed. Ross thinks this is a mistake, so he heads to Shinora General Hospital to find out if the real D'anclaude (the apparent killer of the Thirds) is there. At the same time, Armitage discovers an unusual connection between D'anclaude and the maker of the Thirds.
---Dubbed by Pioneer LDCA
1:00 Tenchi Muyo #10
(Dubbed, Mystic comedy)
Returning to the Tenchi series, we find in "I Love Tenchi" that Ryo-ohki's feelings can be hurt, when Tenchi accidentally does so. Tenchi tries to set things right again, but unfortunately he is unable to do so in time. The "Mass," one of Dr. Washu's bizarre lab experiments, picks up Ryo-ohki's distress and begins to wreak havoc before anyone realizes what has happened. Once again, Tenchi inds himself in the middle of it all! In "The Heartbreak Cave! Our Love is Forever!" the entire cast goes on an outing to a mysterious haunted cave, called the Heartbreak Cave. It is Ukyou and Shampoo's idea to use the cave to split Ranma and Akane, but the plan doesn't quite work out. What with Ryouga accidentally showing up, and Ranma
---Dubbed by Pioneer LDCA
1:30 Video Girl Ai #4
(Subtitled, Romantic comedy)
"Confession" is the apt title for this story. Youta makes an effort to help Moemi get a birthday present for Niimai. They waver between a hand-knitted scarf and buying something, and at last ditch school to go shopping. But when Youta is suddenly given the chance to tell Moemi how he really feels, can he do it?
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
2:00 Abunai! Break time!
(General mayhem, presented in English)
It's Break Time like you've never seen it before (unless you attended our 1st anniversary)! We'll have all sorts of unimaginably wild things, from zoo animals to circus performers! Well, okay, maybe not. But we do plan on having cake and ice cream like last year, and we'll be giving away door prizes as usual, including a beautiful poster from Only Yesterday, our feature film!
2:40 Only Yesterday
(Subtitled, A film of self-discovery)
Only Yesterday is not as well known as some of the other Ghibli films, but it shouldn't be that way. Okajima Taeko, a grown woman with a career, takes her usual summer vaction to the countryside. Here she works besides the farmers in the fields, and while reminiscing about events from her fifth grade year, she eventually comes to an important realization about herself. It's a film about self-discovery, introspection and... pineapples. (You'll see what we mean when you watch the film!)
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
4:40 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #15
(Subtitled, Adventure)
"The Nautilus' Greatest Crisis" has the crew of the mighty submarine pursuing a Neo-Atlantean Garfish. Victory over the enemy vessel seems certain when Captain Nemo and company discover that they've fallen for a trap. Still, all is not lost. But in the aftermath of the battle, Jean finally has to come to terms with the realities of war in a very personal way. This is one of the most serious and moving episodes of Nadia ever!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
5:10 Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen #4
(Subtitled, Romantic Comedy)
Ranma, still unable to return to his male form, must go after Shampoo's great-grandmother for the secret that will allow him (or her) to touch hot water again. But it won't be easy, because to master this secret will require Ranma to face deadly fires and dangerous fish! It's all in "It's Here! Super Technique: Tenshin Amaguriken!"
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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