October Special Features

Oct 1995 flyer October is, of course, the month for all manner of scary things and spooky events. Hence our annual Halloween theme, this time led by the supernatural piece, Elementalors. This is accompanied by the fan-favorite Dirty Pair Halloween Special and AnimEigo's Vampire Princess Miyu. Plus, a special surprise that came too late to go on the printed flyer: the new Ranma 1/2 OAV, with a very appropriate Halloween-ish story. Of course, we still have our usual dose of Nadia, along with what seems to be our ritual (annual) showing of 3x3 Eyes. Now read on or click here to see This Month's Flyer.


12:30 3x3 Eyes #3
(Subtitled, Occult action)
In "Tale of Rebirth," Yakumo and Pai return to Hong Kong and Yogekisha. But they find that Ling-Ling has disappeared, apparently kidnapped, and they themselves are attacked by a mysterious cloaked figure. It turns out they have a common enemy whose goal is the rebirth of Kai-Yan Wan, the Demon-Eyed King. But can even their combined forces rescue Ling-Ling and the Ningen Statue?
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
1:00 Ranma 1/2 Super #1
(Subbed, Action comedy)
In "The Heartbreak Cave! Our Love is Forever!" the entire cast goes on an outing to a mysterious haunted cave, called the Heartbreak Cave. It is Ukyou and Shampoo's idea to use the cave to split Ranma and Akane, but the plan doesn't quite work out. What with Ryouga accidentally showing up, and Ranma and Akane not cooperating, things turn out a bit differently than planned...
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
1:30 Elementalors
(Subtitled, Fantasy adventure)
This is a unique fantasy story in which the Elementalors, those who can control the natural spirits, are waging a War of Power for control of the Earth. The leader of one side, Shiki, is desperately trying to get his captured daughter back, no matter what the cost. Unfortunately, two seemingly regular kids, Asami and Kagura, get caught in the middle of this when Asami is kidnapped to become the next Deepa, sort of a channel for an Elementalor's powers. The only way they can survive may be if they, too, can control the spirits.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
2:20 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #14
(Subtitled, Adventure)
Nadia and Marie are struck by a terrible illness in "The Valley of Dinichthys." The only way they can be saved is with a medicinal moss from Reef 64. Nemo must give up pursuing the Neo-Atlantean Garfish to do so, but when the Nautilus reaches the reef, they discover a leviathan living there.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
2:50 Break time - abunai!
More stuff than you can shake a stick at! We'll have the usual giveaways, plus we're building up to the November meeting (just one more month!) Remember, November will be the 2nd anniversary meeting for No-Name, and that means extra special stuff! Don't miss out on anything!
3:20 Video Girl Ai #3
(Subtitled, Romantic comedy)
"Ai's Memorial Date Wearing the Dress that Youta Gave Her": Ai insists on going out on a date with the reluctant Youta. The date manages to distract Youta from worrying over his overheating VCR until it's almost too late, when Ai begins to feel ill. It's a day neither will forget, as they decide to forego the usual romantic movie and hit... the bowling alley!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
3:50 One-Pound Gospel
(Subtitled, Romantic Comedy)
Kosaku Hatanaka has the potential to be a great pro-boxer, but his worst enemy is his own overeating. As he is forced to rise through the weight classes, his hopes of winning fall correspondingly... until he meets the beautiful Sister Angela, a young nun who inspires him to really try. Now, as Kosaku battles to stay within the weight limit, he also wrestles with his feelings towards Sister Angela. Meanwhile, Angela struggles to keep her faith in Kosaku. It is a story about faith and redemption, and in their fight against the one pound that could end Kosaku's career they learn: a Gospel of One Pound.
---Subtitled by Viz Communications
4:40 Dirty Pair Halloween OAV
(Subtitled, Destructive comedy)
In "Leave Us Out of It! Topsy-Turvy Halloween Party," it's another typical job for the Lovely Angels, and with the usual results, too. Kei and Yuri are supposed to stop a corporate thief from stealing inside info, but the ensuing firefight goes too far, and they accidentally crash-land the ship they're trying to stop and release its cargo. The cargo goes on a rampage in the nearby city, perfectly disguised... because it's Halloween Night.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
5:10 Vampire Princess Miyu #3
(Subtitled, Romantic comedy)
In "Fragile Armor," Larva, Miyu's companion, is captured and Miyu asks Himiko to help her defeat a mysterious creature in armor. As Himiko investigates the armor, she also learns more about Miyu's history. Eventually she is drawn into a tragic, tangled web that includes a mysterious death by arson, and one of Miyu's oldest enemies. This is a story of loyalty, deception, sacrifice, and good intentions gone wrong.
---Subtitled by and shown with permission from AnimEigo

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