August Special Features

Convention season is over, and if you're like the No-Name crew, you probably spent more money than you should have. If so, come and rest yourself (and your wallet) at our free August showing! This month we'll be starting up the long-awaited continuation of the Ranma TV series, as well as an encore presentation of Video Girl Ai. The special feature this time is something different for us: a live action movie. We'll be showing Jackie Chan's City Hunter movie. If any of these or what's below sound appealing to you, come and check it out!

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12:30 Tenchi Muyo #8
(Dubbed, Mystic comedy)
Tenchi is back! And this time, the cast faces the most horrifying thing they could imagine: a baby! In "Hello, Baby!" Tenchi, Ayeka, Ryohko, Sasami, Mihoshi and Washu are at their wits' end when they have to start taking care of a single, normal baby. Can anyone save them, or will this be the end of life as we know it for Tenchi? Come see it and find out!
---Dubbed by Pioneer
1:00 Armitage III #1
(Dubbed, Sci-fi cyberpunk)
When Detective Ross is assigned to the Martian Police Department, he never expected his new partner to be the flashy (and totally un-dress code) girl Armitage. Just as he steps off his ship into the spaceport, she's there to apprehend a killer. But what is the mysterious connection between the killer and her? Who are the others being killed, and why? This is an exciting new, Blade Runner-esque OAV series. Don't miss it!
---Dubbed by Pioneer
1:45 Nadia of the Mysterious Blue Sea #12
(Subtitled, Adventure)
In "Grandis' First Love," Sanson slowly goes stir-crazy from the monontony of his diet: it's all seafood. Meanwhile, the bad blood continues to build between Grandis and Electra. Fortunately, the crew stop at a nearby island for reprovisioning and shore leave. During leave, Grandis relates the story of her first love to Nadia and Marie.
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
2:15 Break time - abunai!
The No-Name crew went to San Diego Comic-con and survived! And we've brought back prizes to give away! That's right, be there if you'd like a chance to win the Laputa film comics, another Ranma calendar page, or the City Hunter movie poster!
2:45 Jackie Chan's City Hunter
(Subtitled, Comedy)
It's a first for No-Name: a live-action film. This is the Hong Kong-made film based on the City Hunter anime. Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, has been hired to find the daughter of a wealthy publisher, with the chase leading him straight into a gang of international terrorists. Starring Jackie Chan, Joey Wong, and Maggie Chung, it's a non-stop roller coaster of pure comedy. And some of the stunts in the movie have to be seen to be believed!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
4:25 Video Girl Ai #1
(Subtitled, Romantic comedy)
Because the staff likes it so much, we're showing it again! In part 1, "Let Me Comfort You," poor Moteuchi Youta finds out that Moemi, the girl he loves, is in fact in love with Takashi, his best friend. But during his depression over this, Youta comes across a strange videotape in an even stranger video store. And when the girl in the video jumps out from his TV, his life is changed in ways he couldn't have imagined! This is the sweet and enchanting romantic story that has been praised by everyone!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon
5:00 Ranma 1/2 Nettouhen #2
(Subtitled, Action comedy)
"So He DOES Hate Cats" is the title for this episode, our long-awaited return to the Ranma TV series. Kunou is on the lookout for a weakness in Ranma, but even with his awesome kendou skills he can't figure out what it is... until his ninja spy, Sasuke, finds it for him. And... it's not what anyone expected of the fearless Ranma. Now Ranma's life will never be the same!
---Subtitled by Project Daicon

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