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The Cast of Characters
Warning! There are spoilers in the descriptions below! If you haven't seen the show or read the synopses yet, you may want to skip this page!

Following is a description of most of the major characters in the show. This may be necessary as the large cast gets very confusing to follow sometimes. In order to minimize the amount of time you may need to spend learning the characters, two drawings of the characters are provided as well. For characters who have both a past and a present life, the alternate life's name is given in parentheses.

Present Incarnation
Present age cast
Sakaguchi Alice (Mokulen)
Originally from Hokkaido, the Sakaguchi family moved to Tokyo recently, leaving her rather homesick. She also has some problems fitting in with her classmates, which only intensifies her longing for her old home. Alice is also a very shy and quiet person, such that she even finds it difficult to stand up to bullying from a seven year old like Rin.
Nearly all her life, Alice has been able to communicate with plants. She can tell what plants are "thinking," so to speak, and in turn can make her own desires known to them. Although she has never told her parents about this ability, her younger brother Hajime knows of it.
Kobayashi Rin (Shion)
Rin is the seven year old son of the Sakaguchi's new neighbors in Tokyo. From the very first, he was attracted to Alice, although he didn't understand why. He translated this attraction into a tendency to pick on her and bully her, thereby unknowingly repeating his behavior from his past life. A life-threatening accident, indirectly caused by Alice, is what wakes his memories of the other life.
Even though he acts like a complete brat, and becomes even worse after the accident, Rin is at heart still a kid. He struggles with the fact that the woman he loves (Alice) is much older than he is, while at the same time struggling with two sets of conflicting desires. One set of desires is actually Shion's consciousness, wanting to protect and save the Earth. The other set is his own, wishing to be nothing more than a regular kid and having fun. This dichotomy in his nature is what makes things increasingly difficult for him, as he slowly loses the distinction between what he wants and what Shion would have wanted.
Ogura Jinpachi (Gyokulan)
Jinpachi's is a rash, impulsive personality. He definitely tends to speak first and think (a split second) later, often to his own embarrassment and sometimes without concern for other's feelings. On the other hand, even when he acts without thinking, it tends to be in defense of himself or his friends.
A major flaw in his personality is that he tends to be blind to the subtleties of personal relationships. For years, he knew from his dreams that Issei's past incarnation, Enju, was in love with his own past self. However, it never occurred to him that Issei may still bear some of the same feelings.
Like his past self, Jinpachi possesses some ESP powers. He has very little control over it, just like Gyokulan. In fact, after the first time it surfaces, in the fight with the Bakutou gang, he remains unaware that he exercised it at all.
Nishikiori Issei (Enju)
Often soft-spoken (especially compared to Jinpachi), Issei also has a somewhat effeminate look about him. This is in large part due to the way he wears his hair, which resembles that of Shusulan. But perhaps it is also because he finds it difficult to shake off the spectre of his past as Enju. It is a constant torment for him to be friends with Jinpachi, because Enju's love for Gyokulan resurfaces in him as a love for his best friend. He chides himself for being a pervert, but still cannot help the way he feels.
Issei has some telepathic abilities, but they don't seem to be particularly strong. Apparently he can only sense the thoughts of those he is close to in an emotional sense. His shared dreams with Jinpachi seem to be the product of his telepathy.
Dobashi Daisuke (Hiragi)
Just as in his past life, Daisuke is most interested (and talented) in linguistics. However, in both the comic and the anime, he actually plays a fairly minor role. In some ways, he almost seems to be an afterthought on the author's part. By the way, for some odd reason, he's the only one who doesn't have whites in his eyes in the anime.
Kokushou Sakura (Shusulan)
Sakura is very similar to her past-life self, Shusulan. She's very open, fairly critical of others, and tends to snap too easily. But she's also very friendly, and you get the feeling that even when she criticizes, it's because she's honestly trying to help. She is especially concerned for Issei, since in their past incarnations Shusulan and Enju were best friends.
For her part, Sakura resembles the past Enju, and in one of her conversations with Issei, she admits that she had always admired Enju's long hair.
Kasama Haruhiko (Shukaido)
Haruhiko is the only one of the present-day seven with dark skin. He is of mixed parentage, being one-quarter Indian. This is significant because he looks quite a lot like Shion used to, although his past self was actually Shukaido.
He is one of the few in the group who has psychic abilities, and in fact, nearly rivals Shion in power.

Past Incarnation
Past age cast
Mokulen (Alice)
Like the present day Alice, Mokulen also had the power to communicate with plants. The four red marks on her forehead signified that she was one of the Keeches-Sahjahliann, the chosen ones of Sahjareem. The Keeches-Sahjahliann were supposed to have extraordinary powers, being able to speak to the animals, communicate with plants, and revitalize the land. But even among the Keeches, Mokulen was something of a rarity. She was the child of two Keeches-Sahjahliann, which was almost unheard of, for normally the Keeches are not allowed to marry each other.
Mokulen spent her early years with her two parents, before she was taken and put into a Keeches temple/institution. It was required by law that all people with the Keeches power had to be educated in such institutions, after which they were to serve their country with their power. However, Mokulen was always a willful child, and early on formed the opinion that she did not want the Keeches power. When she was had the chance, she pleaded with The Eldest One (the matriarch of the Keeches religion) to go to ZKK-101 (their name for Earth). The Eldest One recognized that Mokulen had some sort of destiny on ZKK-101, so granted permission, much to everyone's surprise. However, having grown up in the Keeches grounds, Mokulen was not completely prepared for life with the crew of the research station on the Moon.
Shion (Rin)
Orphaned very early by one of the wars on his home planet, Shion discovered his powers the night he was fired upon by some soldiers. Frightened beyond reasoning, he instinctively lashed out and somehow killed the soldiers. Thereafter, Shion knew himself to be no better than the animals he had branded the soldiers, for he had killed them.
He was found later and taken to a Keeches church or school. There he met Liann for the first time, and it was she who explained to him about his Keeches power. Never able to get along with the other children easily, Shion was eventually "adopted" by Lazlo. Lazlo had been assigned to be his veeda, which is roughly equivalent to a foster parent, by the government. They recognized the worth of Shion's powers and wanted him to be taught to behave. It was at Lazlo's house that Shion found brief happiness.
Gyokulan (Jinpachi)
Enju (Issei)
Hiragi (Daisuke)
Shusulan (Sakura)
Shukaido (Haruhiko)

Other Characters

Sakaguchi Hajime
Hajime is Alice's younger brother, but he often acts like the older one. He's the only one in the family who knows that Alice can speak to the plants, and is often concerned about her welfare.
Matsudaira Takashi
Kazuto Tamura

Sorry, we tried to describe all the characters, but the angst was too much for us!

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