There have been a good number of requests for more detailed explanations of the manga story for a while, but I've been putting it off because it seemed like such a daunting project. However, I've finally decided to get moving on it and start work.

For some parts of the manga write-up, I'll be very brief, mentioning only that it parallels parts of the anime. Other than that, I'll try to write enough to give a full story, but bear in mind that there are 21 volumes of the manga! I'll write as fast and as much as I can, but it will most likely be slow going. Also, I'm not very good at translating, picking up parts of the story more from the illustations than the words. So if you spot something that you think is wrong, please let me know. Heck, if you can translate better and would like to do it, start sending write-ups to me and I'll post them. You'll be credited for it, of course. In time, I would also like to include more pictures in the manga section, but that will have to wait.

Do you like it? Do you hate it? Comments, suggestions, corrections, and complete write-ups of the manga? Please contact us through the addresses on the Contact Page

Here It Is!
And without further ado, here is the paltry listing:
Please Save My Earth volume 1
Please Save My Earth volume 2

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Last updated February 9, 1998