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Combustible Campus Guardress characters Episode 1:
Thump Thump * Shudder Shudder!
The Dangerous Siblings!
A city is under attack, its inhabitants fleeing in panic. In a temple somewhere nearby, a man is working on some type of spell. As helicopters flit over the city, firing, it can be seen that they are aiming at a virtually unkillable demonic looking creature.

Back at the temple, Chiryuu (v: Yamadera Kouichi) tells the other man hold on, and asks how it went. The other man, Tenkuu (v: Koyasu Kazuhito), tells him the Dark World is at hand, and that the Age of the Remnants is beginning.

The narration explains that there exists another world aside from our own, called the Dark World. Similiar to ours, it is populated by the Dark Warriors, who invaded our world. When our side was able to close off their portal, these warriors were trapped on this side. Those who were trapped were called Remnants. Now the site of the portal has become Gateway School, constructed to protect the portal. The descendants of the original protectors are now students at this school and they, in turn, have been designated the protectors of the portal.

At school, Yamashiro Kazuma (v: Morikawa Toshiyuki ) comes into the gymnasium looking for Hazumi, but the other students tell him she has gone home. Panicked, he tells them she couldn't have, not without her lover. They have no idea what he's talking about. Out in the hall, Kazuma is stopped by Honda-senpai (v: Tsujitani Kouji), but before he can properly lecture the student, he is interrupted by other students riding their bike down the hallway.

Elsewhere in the city, a group of Guardians are being driven back by what appears to be a painted up muscle-man. McCoy (v: Tachigi Fumihiko), a Remnant, talks in a distinctively feminine dialect. Spitting fire at the Guardians and calling them dog poop, he is suddenly stopped by someone throwing that same thing into his face. Everyone turns to see a girl standing on a nearby tower. She announces that she is the greatest girl warrior, Jinno Hazumi (v: Matsumoto Rika ). Unfortunately, the students she is trying save don't appreciate this. Yelling, "Oh no! It's Hazumi, the Ally-killer!", they clutch each other in mortal fear. This doesn't sit very well with Hazumi, and she begins to build up some real anger. Meanwhile, McCoy is upset that his makeup was messed up, and doesn't notice all the energy building up around Hazumi until it's too late.

"DIE!" she yells and hurls a fireball at the whole group, demolishing a skyscraper.

The next morning, Hazumi and her mother (v: Hayami Kei) fight each other up the stairs. Her mother trips her and beats her to the top, laughing all the way. They both like Hazumi's brother, Takumi (v: Ishida Akira), and fight over him every day. "I can't believe it! I lost again this morning!" cries Hazumi. On the bus, Takumi tells her she should stop fighting with their mother. Hazumi is about to protest when the bus throws her against Takumi momentarily. It is clear from her expression that she loves him.

At the school, everyone is celebrating and dancing. Kazuma is encouraging the students to join in the Juliana Dance, which he claims has the school president's backing. Yelling a protest, Honda finds his admonishments have absolutely no effect, then he gets run over. Outside the dance hall, Hazumi makes her way through the crowd to stare longingly at her brother.

"What are you so depressed about?" Chiryuu suddenly asks her. She turns around to discover that he is once again at his favorite past time: peeking up girls' skirts. Upset, she throws him around a few times. He laughs and shrugs it off easily, then turns serious. He warns her that the Remnants will be gathering for an attack on her brother soon. Just as quickly as he turned serious, he goes back to his usual habits, and she finds that she has to hit him again. Even as he flies off, he yells back, "I'll see you again soon!"

Outside the campus gates, four Remnants have gathered. The gates close on them, but they easily shatter the doors. Back in the gym, Hazumi is trying to drive off Aoba Hime (v: Kanai Mika), a ditzy cheerleader who also likes Takumi. When Takumi mentions heading out after practice with Hazumi, Hime jumps in and reminds him of his promise to spend time with her. Clueless about the two girls, he decides the easiest course is going with both of them. Unfortunately, this is exactly what the girls don't want, so they start staring daggers at each other. Honda shows up to tell Hazumi he needs to talk to her, but she is too busy with her staring match to notice; until he really starts yelling. During this time, the four Remnants have made their way onto campus and started the battle. The blonde one, Aoi (v: Sakuma Rei), overwhelms all the men with her charm. Murasaki (v: Amano Yuri), the purple-haired one, literally freezes the women. Aoi makes her way into the gym unseen and decides that Takumi is a cute target. The "administrative staff" is in the tower speaking to Hazumi about the problem, but she is busy picking off pieces from her pom-pom. "He likes me." "He hates me." Aoi attacks and gets Takumi in the gym. Honda-senpai yells at Hazumi to get after the Remnants, but she is already gone. Outside, the leader of the Remnants walks up to Chiryu, who looks up and says, "Been a long time." On her way to rescue Takumi, Hazumi is stopped by the gay Remnant, who is angry that his "beautiful body" was ruined by her previous attack. They carry the fight to one of the more populated areas of the school. Hazumi's friend, Yuuka (v: Shiratori Yuri), asks her where she's been and blames her for the dance and party being ruined. Then she sees McCoy and all the other students run away. Meanwhile, Hime is trying to protect Takumi in the gym, but is stopped by having her shirt cut open. Takumi rescues her instead. Outside, Chiryu tries to persuade the leader of the Remnants, Kijima Touta (v: Ohtsuka Akio) to deter from their course. He tells them the only outcome would be mass destruction and confusion, but the leader cannot be swayed.
Just as Aoi is about to kill Takumi, Hazumi knocks her opponent into the female Remnant. She apologizes to Takumi for being late, and is embarrassed at his gratitude. He takes an injury trying to shield her, really angering Hazumi. She unleashes her ultimate attack, the Fiery Tulip Spell, causing tulips to grow everywhere and blows everyone away. Hazumi declares, "Yes! Japan IS number one!" Then several buildings collapse. Hazumi rejoins Takumi and Hime and thanks the other girl for helping Takumi. Hime thanks Hazumi as well, but the two immediately return to infighting.

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